Dessert Menu

Homemade Desserts

Hot Banana Date Fig Pudding

Banana, date & fig pudding with butterscotch sauce & vanilla bean ice cream.


Banoffee Pie

All-time favourite, chewy caramel on biscuit base with fresh whipped cream and bananas.


Nutella Semifreddo

Italian semi frozen ice-cream with layers of Nutella served with chilli toblerone chocolate sauce. 


Bailey's Creme Brule

Cooked Bailey’s Irish Cream custard topped with caramelized sugar.


Millers Ice Cream Sundae

With crushed nuts & chocolate fudge sauce

$7.50- 1 Flavour | $12.50- 2 Flavours | $15- 3 Flavours

Limoncello Tiramisu

Italian sponge fingers soaked in Limoncello Liquor with layers of whipped mascarpone & topped with lemon curd.


Hot Beverages

Fresh Off The Leash Coffee

Flat White, Cappucino, Long Black, Short Macchiato, Espresso, Cafe Latte, Ristretto, Vienna, Hot Chocolate, Decaf


Blooming Tea

Flowering tea blossom

Tea for two



Vanilla gelato with espresso shot  

$8.50 | $14.50 Add Bailey’s or Frangelico 

Italian Hot Chocolate

Hot thick rich mousse style chocolate


Chai Latte

with vanilla, honey & cinnamon


Cheese Platter

King Island Seal Bay triple cream Brie, Mersey Valley Cheddar, Roaring Forties Blue crackers, fresh & dried fruit. 

$14 One Cheese | $22 Two Cheeses | $30 Three Cheeses

Dessert Wines

Michelle Noble Semillon (Clare Valley SA) or Frogmore Creek Iced Reisling (Tasmania)


Cognac Hennessy VSOP (France)


Fortified Wines

Galway Pipe Brandy Port

Barossa SA


DeBertoli 'Old Boys' Tawny Port

Riverina NSW


Penfolds 'Grandfather' Tawny Port

Kalimna/ Barossa SA


Carpene Malvolti Grappa Bianca

Conegliano, Italy


Liqueur Coffees- $14

Italian- Amaretto, Irish – Whiskey or Bailey’s, Russian – Vodka, French – Brandy, Mexican – Kahlua, Parissiene – Grand Marnier, English – Gin, American – Bourbon, Calypso – Dark Rum. Jamaican- Tia Maria


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Closed Sundays

Open Sundays of the long weekend and special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Etc.




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